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Women’s Hemp and Organic Cotton Calf Socks - Leaf

Women’s Hemp and Organic Cotton Calf Socks - Leaf

Women’s Hemp and Organic Cotton Calf Socks - LEAF

Embrace the natural comfort of our Women’s Hemp and Organic Cotton Calf Socks! Perfect for your adventures in nature, fitness sessions, or simply relaxing. These socks blend hemp, organic cotton, and a touch of spandex for the ultimate comfort. They don't just cover your feet; they pamper them. Say goodbye to moisture with their absorbent nature, and enjoy the added benefits of being anti-fungal and antibacterial. Indulge yourself and experience the comfort of these Leaf socks! Because your feet deserve the best, naturally.


  • Socks designed for your outdoor adventures
  • Effectively absorbs and wicks away moisture
  • Promotes foot health with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties
  • Walk with an eco-friendly footprint
  • Available in Women's sizes: 5-7 and 7-10


Material Composition: Crafted from 53% Hemp, 42% Organic Cotton, and 5% Spandex

Available Sizes: Choose from 5-7 or 7-10

Bundle AVAILABLE TOO in Gift Box Set of 3: Includes one pair each of Hemp Leaf, Black, or White (Feel free to specify color substitutions if desired.)


Benefits of Hemp Clothing:

  • Lightweight and excellent water absorption
  • Remarkably durable, boasting 3-4 times the strength of cotton
  • UV and mold-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities
  • Porous nature allows for breathability, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Quick moisture absorption and resistance to mildew and bacteria growth
  • Outstanding breathability to prevent odors
  • Color retention over time
  • Soft and comfortable, often blended with organic cotton and other fibers
  • Gentle on the skin, growing softer with each wear
  • Easy care with exceptional durability
  • Environmentally friendly – Chemical and pesticide-free, requiring minimal water for cultivation

Care Instructions:

Machine washable for convenient maintenance.

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